At NHG, we specialize in comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation and treatment of children and adults and provide both clinical and forensic services. We provide evidence-based assessments, drawing upon the latest discoveries in neuroscience, psychological theories, and educational research to create an effective and individually tailored treatment plan.

The evaluation is a pragmatic, interactive, and solution-focused process where individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses are identified for a detailed understanding of each person’s unique profile. Our approach is to provide diagnostic support and practical feedback to help patients resolve current difficulties. Our mission is to capitalize on personal strengths and empower each individual with the knowledge and tools needed to live a fulfilling and successful life.


Dr. Shereen Tabibian, Psy.D., Q.M.E.

As the Founder and Director of Neuropsychology Health Group,
Dr. Shereen Tabibian, Psy.D., Q.M.E., is a clinical psychologist (PSY 27120) specializing in neuropsychological assessment. With over a decade of education and training in clinical psychology, Dr. Tabibian has extensive experience evaluating neurodevelopmental, neuropsychiatric, and neurological diseases in pediatric and adult populations.

She earned her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University, a program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). She also holds a Master of Arts in psychology from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Southern California. 

Prior pre-doctoral clinical training and experience includes neuropsychology appointments at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She completed a pre-doctoral internship at the APA-accredited program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and received two years of advanced post-doctoral training with children and adults in neuropsychological assessment in private practice.

Dr. Tabibian has trained and supervised psychology doctoral graduate students and has held an Adjunct Professor of Psychology position teaching graduate courses at Pepperdine University.

She is sensitive to cross-cultural and cross-linguistic considerations in the evaluation process and is able to provide clinical services in English and Farsi.

Pediatric Services

Neuropsychological Evaluation

At NHG, we specialize in evidence-based neuropsychological evaluation for children ages four and older. Included within each assessment is an examination of the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral function of the child or adolescent to inform on their psychological and educational processing.

Our comprehensive assessments include school/classroom observations, when indicated, and close collaboration with educators, tutors, and others involved in the child’s care. All aspects of the child’s strengths and challenges are identified and personally explained and parents are provided with structured remediation sources, tailored interventions, and accommodation recommendations.

Assessments are individually customized and are often appropriate for the following concerns:

  • ADHD 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder  
  • Brief screens for ADHD or ASD
  • Learning Disorders 
  • Low academic achievement 
  • Accommodation requests for elementary, middle, high school, college, and graduate school
  • Accommodations requests for standardized exams, such as the ISEE, SAT, SAT II, ACT, AP, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT
  • Determination of special education eligibility and IEPs 
  • Gifted testing
  • IQ testing
  • Executive dysfunction
  • Psychomotor speed and processing
  • Language and communication disorders 
  • Behavioral or social problems
  • Brain injuries
  • Stroke and Epilepsy
  • Concussion and sport-related head injuries affecting learning or behavior
  • Medical issues affecting learning or behavior
  • Determination of readiness for kindergarten/first grade 
  • School selection assistance 
  • Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

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Adult Services

Neuropsychological Evaluation

At NHG, we specialize in evidence-based neuropsychological evaluation. All aspects of the patient’s unique cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning are identified and personally explained, and structured remediation sources, tailored interventions, and recommendations are provided.

We work closely with the patient and family and collaborate with the referring provider, medical care team, and other professionals in the community to ensure the highest quality of care.

Assessments are individually customized and are often appropriate for the following concerns:

  • Adult attention disorders
  • Executive dysfunction
  • Memory disorders
  • Dementia
  • Stroke 
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • Seizure disorders
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion/Mild TBI
  • Post Concussion Syndrome
  • Neurotoxin exposure
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Post-chemotherapy disorders 
  • Substance use disorders

Consultation Services

Neuropsychological consultation services are available if a full evaluation may not be warranted or necessary, or to discuss the needs of their child (or of themselves).  This often occurs either when the patient has recently undergone testing with another provider and caregivers are seeking a second opinion with respect to conclusions, or when intervention efforts are underway and the parents/providers are seeking additional input on intervention options.

Consultations typically involve a detailed discussion of the presenting problem and recommendations for next steps the family may wish to take. Prior testing and medical records are reviewed and limited testing may be administered. Referrals may be made to other professionals or organizations with follow-up support as needed.

Med-Legal Services

Qualified Medical Evaluator

Dr. Tabibian has considerable experience in forensic neuropsychological and psychological evaluations in the med-legal arena, including Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) and as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) for workers’ compensation claims. She has worked in the field of med-legal evaluations for the past six years and has written over 100 med-legal reports.

As a QME, Dr. Tabibian can be relied on for timely and thorough evaluations and for issuing fair and unbiased reports that are consistently evidence-based. Dr. Tabibian is valued by both applicant and defense attorneys for considering all aspects of disputes while maintaining an understanding of the specific needs of all parties involved. She is meticulous about issuing reports that are based on reasonable medical probability and are considered substantial medical evidence. Parties on both sides of med-legal claims appreciate her ability to thoroughly address all aspects of the most complex cases and communicate psychological findings in clear, concise, and understandable language.

QME office locations:

Hemet | Victorville| Lancaster| Sylmar| Lynwood| El Monte | Palmdale| Pomona| Simi Valley| Long Beach

Please direct all QME/AME correspondence to:

Phone: (310) 393-4300

2530 Atlantic Avenue, Suite A

Long Beach, California 90806

Fees & Insurance

NHG is an out of network provider. However, services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

• Do I have mental health benefits? 

• What is my deductible and has it been met? 

• How much does my plan cover for an out of network provider? 

• Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Unfortunately, many insurance plans do not adequately provide for neuropsychological testing. Please check with your individual insurance plan to see their reimbursement policies. In many cases, reimbursement depends on the diagnosis received. Please keep in mind that what insurance companies consider to be a percentage of reimbursement for usual and customary fees are not based on true charges.

For insurance inquiries, CPT codes for Neuropsychological Assessment are usually 96136, 96137, 96132, and 96133 but other codes may be additionally applied. A statement will be provided for your insurance company at the end of the evaluation. NHG will not directly bill your insurance company and you are responsible for all billing and collection of reimbursements from your insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is neuropsychology?

A. Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. A clinical neuropsychologist is a psychologist with a doctorate degree and specialized training in how mood, behavior, and cognitive functions relate to brain structures and systems. While neuroimaging is essential to understanding the structural integrity of the brain, only neuropsychological assessment allows for an examination of the brain’s functionality in order to detect areas of cognitive strength and weakness. Neuropsychological assessment can determine if observed changes are age-appropriate variations, or a signal for some sort of pathology. 

Q. How long is the neuropsychological assessment and what can be expected afterward?

A. The neuropsychological assessment typically lasts between 6-8 hours, depending on the referral question. Testing sessions are usually extended over the course of 1-3 days in order to prevent fatigue which may interfere with performance. During the initial consultation appointment, the doctor will conduct an interview with the patient and family to review the patient’s history and discuss any questions that need to be addressed. Patients and/or family members may be asked to fill out questionnaires to provide invaluable information about the presenting concerns. The feedback session, typically scheduled 2 weeks following the initial meeting, will consist of an in-depth discussion detailing the testing results and the unique pattern of strengths and weakness of the patient. Diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and referrals are provided in feedback as well as documented in the report. 

At NHG, we have relationships with prominent providers of speech/language therapy, educational therapy, tutoring, executive coaching, occupational therapy, social work, psychiatry, neurology, pediatrics, genetic counseling, and legal advocacy and attorneys. Following the evaluation, your doctor will provide coordinated care to ensure the implementation of appropriate services, and will continue to be available for ongoing consultation.

Q. How will I (or my child) be assessed? 

A. Neuropsychological evaluation does not involve any poking, prodding, or needles! The evaluation will be comprised of computerized tasks, a verbally based question and answer format with the examiner, as well as written paper and pencil activities. Some tests will be timed while others will not, and the examinee is fully oriented to each new task as the testing progresses. Breaks are provided and often encouraged as we strive to assess your neuropsychological abilities in the most optimal conditions with time set aside for rest or snacks.

While it is a perfectly appropriate response, some children may feel slightly anxious during testing so please let your doctor know what reinforcers work best for your child to have prepared ahead of time (e.g., stickers, small prizes, or a favorite snack) in order to elicit their optimal motivation and attention. We aim to make the evaluation a fun, interactive, and above all an informative and pleasant experience for all.

Q. What will be assessed?

A. The nature of the evaluation will depend on the specific concerns to be addressed and the reason for referral, but may also include: 

Intellectual functioning | Academic achievement | Learning style | Attention and concentration | Processing speed  | Executive functioning  | Verbal and nonverbal reasoning  | Memory and learning  | Sensorimotor/fine motor functioning | Language abilities | Visuospatial skills | Personality and emotional functioning

Q. What can I expect on the evaluation day?

A. Please bring contacts, glasses, or assistive hearing devices you may need to your evaluation. A list of current medications as well as copies of any relevant medical records will be important to bring (e.g., MRIs, CT scans, previous neuropsychological testing reports, school records). It is recommended that the patient be best prepared with a restful night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast, and comfortable clothing on the day of the evaluation. Children should avoid consuming sugar-laden foods or caffeine on the day of testing. Adults should not consume alcohol or illicit substances 24 hours prior to your evaluation. It is advised to consult with your physician if you are currently taking any sleep or analgesic pain medication as it may interfere with your cognitive functioning on the testing day. 

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